Feuerherd Aviation Consulting GmbH is a consulting company specialized in aviation strategy and management, based on the vast experience of its founder Sascha Feuerherd. The company aims at providing cutting edge solutions for airlines, airports and related stakeholders, by deploying its wide network of experts.

Sascha Feuerherd is an aviation industry professional with approximately 20 years of aviation experience, having gained exposure to a large variety of airlines by a dual career as active airline manager and industry consultant.

His airline management career was initiated with the renowned industry education program at German Lufthansa AG, one of the leading airlines in the world. This thorough education was followed by line management functions, later combined with experience from several dozen medium to large scale aviation consulting projects where he acted as Project Manager or Project Director.

As such, he had the opportunity to run projects at airline clients worldwide in strategic, operational and administrative areas while also taking over interim management roles. His efforts and team leadership enabled substantial cost savings, totaling several hundred Million Euros on an annual basis.

After leading the airline restructuring unit of Lufthansa Consulting, market leader in this specialized niche of aviation consulting, he then assumed management functions for all airline consulting projects run by the consulting division of the International Air Transport Association.

Feuerherd Aviation Consulting GmbH is an ultra-lean organization, relying on the industry experience of its managing director and vast network of specialized aviation consultants. We are not bound by corporate politics, a large administration or a costly overhead but only serve you as our client with the target of ensuring the most efficient operations.


Eight golden principles for success

A decade of experience with dozens of clients around the globe allowed defining the below golden principles for successful project execution:

  • Trust from both parties
  • The absolute willingness of the clients' top management to improve the current situation
  • A success-proven approach and methodology respecting the clients' size and environment
  • A holistic approach, thorough documentation and good communication
  • Measurement (and celebration) of success
  • Leadership by an experienced aviation consultant
  • Highly skilled subject matter experts with experience in both airline management and consulting
  • No no-go saving areas, as no stone is left unturned (with the exception of possible red tape areas)

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